I’m not the type who’s able to whip though a first draft and get my thoughts out on paper. No matter how loud the idea is buzzing in my head or how badly I’m itching to get it out, I simply have to take my time.

My writing style is a slow burn, and I analyzed/edit as I write. Gasp and shake your heads fellow writers, but it is what it is.

In  writing culture editing as you go  is considered extremely taboo. Some even say it’s a practice only done by “amateur writers.” We are warned to silence our inner editor, and to an extent I agree. Does every chapter have to be perfect before I move to the next? Fuck no. But I do need to be conformable that the previous chapter has been completed to the best of my ability before I’m ready to flow into the next part of the story.

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two hearts on sand

No matter the genre, I’m a sucker for a love story.

Aliens are invading the planet? I’ll be waiting for the brilliant scientist to get with the mouthy fighter pilot. A string of murders in a small town? You can bet I’m keeping track of every time the flirty librarian and shy professor decided to partner up to help with the case. A world full of magic and mythology? I’ve been waiting for the protagonist and one of the supporting characters to get together the moment they began bickering.

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