I’m a visual person.

Looking at and collecting images which help illustrate the style of my project’s genre is one of my favorite pastimes. For me, pictures provide the best inspiration and prompts. They’re able to draw out my imagination and I weave particular elements from them into my own fantasy work.

These are some of the images I’m using while writing my current manuscript.  They’ve aided in fleshing out not just characters and aspects of my worldbuildig, adding depth to the fictional sandbox known as my first draft.


If you’re interested in seeing more pictures dedicated to my book, then feel free to stop by my ‘bookspiraton’ Pintrest board and have a look.

4 thoughts on “MOOD BOARD

  1. Nice pics! I’m gonna guess that you’re a Pinterest user, being a visual person. If not, you probably should be. 🙂

    I don’t actively go searching for images to aid or inspire my writing, however if I happen to stumble across any, I do capture them, especially pictures of people who resemble my characters (it makes my characters feel more real).

    1. I love Pintrest! I have (private) boards set up for my fantasy world, for characters, for family dynamics , for the mythological creatures in my world, style of clothes worn in that world, etc. Pintrest is such a great visual tool not just for my story, but for world-building in general.

      I hear you on stumbling upon images of people who resemble your characters. It’s exciting to be able to say ‘Oh my gosh, he/she looks like [insert character name]

      1. The worst is when a character looks like a person on the street. Then it becomes a case of, “How do I take a picture of this person without either a) breaking the law, or b) getting my ass kicked?

      2. Haha, and going up to them with the line “You look like one of my characters, mind if I take your pic?” doesn’t seem like the best idea. You’d just sound super creepy.

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