The foundation basis for my current work in progress is an old idea, a very old idea. Something which had been sitting on the back burner of my mind for years. While it simmered I wrote other stories and explored different genres.

Finally, I decided to bring my concept to the forefront and began working on my fantasy story. I blended it with two other ideas I had brewing and ta-da! A book was born.

[shape of ideas]

Through characterization and world-building  I’ve been able to develop my story, reconstruct my concept and shape it into something new. The process has been slow and difficult, but every step has felt like it’s worth it.

If I’d completely abandoned this idea, then my tale of magical mythology would’ve never grown into something more engaging and complex.

I guess what I’m saying is, old ideas can be a great starting point.

2 thoughts on “THE SHAPE OF IDEAS

  1. Love this; totally going to poach that image for a future post! I am the same way, though: it seems to take many years for my ideas to finally turn into something workable, or otherwise for me to grow wise enough to understand what it is I’m actually trying to say.

  2. Haha, go right ahead and poach away. I linked to the source of the image which has variations on how ideas can change, make sure to check that out as well, maybe another image there will also speak to you.

    The time/years it takes for an idea to blossom into something workable are so worth it!

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