I’m not the type who’s able to whip though a first draft and get my thoughts out on paper. No matter how loud the idea is buzzing in my head or how badly I’m itching to get it out, I simply have to take my time.

My writing style is a slow burn, and I analyzed/edit as I write. Gasp and shake your heads fellow writers, but it is what it is.

In  writing culture editing as you go  is considered extremely taboo. Some even say it’s a practice only done by “amateur writers.” We are warned to silence our inner editor, and to an extent I agree. Does every chapter have to be perfect before I move to the next? Fuck no. But I do need to be conformable that the previous chapter has been completed to the best of my ability before I’m ready to flow into the next part of the story.

I find fast writing overwhelming. It trips me up, there’re too many mistakes, too many characters not fleshed out, too many descriptions lacking the illustration they need. If I rush my writing it turns out to be something low quality which I find very difficult to revise.

I’ve always been made to feel like my Type A process of writing was somehow wrong. But you know what, if it’s wrong then I’m just going to sit here in my wrongness and be wrong.


Every writer has to find their own path and use whatever method works best for them. So to all my fellow novelists, the pansters, the plotters, and the ones who fall somewhere between the two,  happy writing.

4 thoughts on “WRITING STYLE

  1. You’re right – whatever your process is, you have to just own it. No one’s going to know from the finished product how exactly it was created anyway. (Besides, your process sounds a lot like mine!)

    1. Slow burn writers unite!

      This subject reminds me of something I saw on Tumblr:
      3 + 5 = 8
      4 + 4 = 8
      Which is basically to say that people can reach the same end result with different methods of getting there.

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