As much as I adore ‘The Muses’ form Hercules, I’m  completely boggled by writers who say things like “I can’t choose where my muse takes me.”

 W H A T ?

Finding inspiration in quotes or images is one thing, but relying on a particular creative influence to stimulate you and claim  that’s what’s responsible for the work you produce?

N O P E. 

I feel like blaming the muse is an easy cop out for creative people to produce work which others consider to be disturbing or lacking of diversity. It’s a reason they bring up when challenged with the problematic elements of their writing.

It’s not their fault, it’s their muse.

B U L L S H I T !

You are in control of what you create. You are your own filter. You are your own muse.

5 thoughts on ““THE MUSE”

  1. Exactly! People see what they want to see in their stories. The muse gets a mind of their own when that muse is put on paper and given the freedom to explore the adventure but no muse has whispered “YEAH MAKE HIM A WHITE GUY” in your hear. BISH WHET.

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